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Host a house concert or listening room!

Would you like to host an intimate evening of music for your community? Your home, your house of worship, or local community centers are good places to share an evening of music with friends. It's easier than you think and we can help you set it up! Curious about the details?

Here are a few things to know. Most house concerts and listening rooms are:

  • Inexpensive to produce. Hosts can spend as little as $0 to put a show on (BYOB!). Artists are paid by suggested donations ($10-20 per person).

  • Attended by 20-50+ people

  • Performed with minimal amplification. We won't bug your neighbors and we'll bring what we need!

  • Willing to house and feed the artists for the night 

It doesn't matter where you are if you care about supporting live music and you'd like to host a show, reach out and we'll make it happen!

Email: to get the conversation started!


House Concert Host Requirements


  • You must guarantee at least 20 adults in attendance. If you're worried about this - cohost with a friend!

  • Everyone has to have a seat (comfy floor cushions can work in a pinch).

  • This is a listening environment: cell phones should be kept off and conversations saved for breaks or after the show. It can be helpful to provide an alternate space (i.e. another room or outside) for talkative guests in bigger settings.

  • An indoor setting must be available in the event of bad weather for outdoor shows.

  • You should freely and frequently (before the show, at the break, and after) remind guests that the show is donation-based and the artists depend on generous giving to make the touring life work.

  • You must have a room for us to stay in or put us up in a local hotel if we are on tour, if it is local then no worries!


  • Consider hosting on a weekday! It's tough to route a tour, and house concert hosts' willingness to host a great show on a weeknight can sure help (and increase the chances that show with you will work out on our route!).

  • Kids are welcome at our shows, but hosts who find someone to watch kids in a different part of the home may have an easier time getting their friends with kids out to the show!

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